Yu-kai Chou
Gamification pioneer and creator of Octalysis

The moment has arrived.

Octalysis Prime is the most important project I’m doing in my life. It’s what I want my legacy to be. Instead of just doing cool things myself, I want to raise up a whole generation of Octalysis practitioners to become successful at everything they do and make a difference in this world.

With the behavioral knowledge of Octalysis, I am 100% confident this is possible (I lived through that myself, becoming successful and HAPPY at almost everything I do).

Knowledge has helped obtain jobs, establish relationships, and even won elections and wars. Out of all the investments out there, investment in knowledge and YOURSELF is the one type that is guaranteed to give you life long returns (outside the unlikely case of getting amnesia and forgetting all your learnings).

Octalysis Prime is much more affordable compared to University programs but could transform you towards new heights in life. I’m extremely excited about it, and I’m even more excited to see you become a member in the community.

Say hi to me on Slack when you get in.

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The Gamified Mentorship Journey with Yu-kai Chou

Octalysis Prime

Meet a few Primers
Above is a testimonial from Sabrina Bruehwiler. Sabrina was a UX Developer for Oddslife when she joined Octalysis Prime and then became a Gamification Designer for The Octalysis Group.
Sabrina Bruehwiler (UX Designer) from the United Kingdom
Mike Finney (Software Engineer) from the United States
Mike Finney is a Senior Software Engineer at Carfax, leveling up in OP to become a Meditation Expert and Product Manager.
Ruzsinné Tilesch Judit (Educator) from Hungary
Ruzsinné Tilesch Judit testimonial is a primary school teach from Hungary. After watching this video testimonial, Judit is now officially one of our favorite people in the world.
Chen Choon (Leadership Development Expert) from Malaysia
Chen Choon was a Gamified Leadership Coach at People Coach Works when he joined Octalysis Prime. Since then he became a Management Consultant at Accenture, using his behavioral design knowledge to implement large scale change within organizations.
Join the community of hundreds of dedicated, passionate professionals and learn how to use Octalysis, Gamification, and Behavioral Design to improve your personal and professional life.
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Passionate and driven members!

Octalysis Prime is a real life RPG where you level up your personal and professional life

It all starts in the island

The island is the central hub for your journey. Not only will you expand your knowledge of the 8 Core Drives of Octalysis, but you can also explore lessons about Persuasive Technology, Motivational Psychology, Gameful Design, Technology Platforms, Entrepreneurship, Behavioral Economics, and Applied Pyschology.

Behavioral Economics

Persuasive Technology

Motivational Psychology

Learn directly from Yu-kai Chou

Have you read the book? Seen the lectures? Watched the TED talk? Joined the Facebook group?

There is so much great free content out there, but the majority of it is for beginners. If you're ready to take the next step in your journey, then Octalysis Prime is the place to watch hundreds of exclusive educational videos developed by Yu-kai and connect with him directly!

Exclusive educational videos not available anywhere else

Design of Octalysis Prime
(Part 1 of 3)

Watch hundreds of educational videos developed by Yu-kai Chou at your own time and pace.

Check out part one of the design of Octalysis Prime. These lessons can be directly applied to your projects.

Designing Leveling Up Systems (Part 1 of 2)

In this Interactive Background Video, Yu-kai explains how to design advanced leveling up systems that improve the user experience.

Bandwagon Streak
(Game Design Technique #95)

In this Travel Bits Video in Denmark (and a quick cameo appearance from Malaysians), Yu-kai talks about the Tier 7 game design technique Bandwagon Streak and how it utilizes many Core Drives to drive lasting engagement and Performance-Driven Points.

Connect personally with Yu-kai Chou

Companies pay thousands of dollars to invite Yu-kai to speak to their employees and get their questions answered. When you join Octalysis Prime, you'll get to connect with Yu-kai during live Office Hours and in the chat community.

Live Office Hours with Yu-kai Chou

Got a question or need advice? Then join the Office Hours with Yu-kai Chou that are held multiple times a month during convenient times for members located all over the world.

Chat Yu-kai Chou some questions

Prefer chat over video? Chat Yu-kai Chou a message at any time and he'll respond back with an answer.

You also get the added benefit of getting feedback from the community as well.

The largest Gamification community in the world

Check out the welcome you'll get when you join the community

We have hundreds of members from over 22 countries around the world! No matter your language, timezone, profession, or interests, you'll find a tribe in our community that is passionate about gamification.

Success Interview

How Octalysis Prime member Willow Neilson found two dream jobs

Here are just some of the areas in the island

There are over 14 areas in the island with hundreds of educational videos

Octalysis Prime is not for everyone. You will only succeed if you’re ready to make a change, to take the game seriously, and advance with others in your journey.

We are confident that if you make the commitment and put in the effort, then you will make drastic, life-changing improvements to your personal and professional life.

We look forward to you joining us on our quest to reach our full potential,

– Yu-kai Chou & Jun Loayza

Ask questions, give feedback, and be a part of a meaningful tribe

Our members are deeply passionate about Gamification, but unfortunately their friends, neighbors, and local communities don't share their passion. When they join Octalysis Prime, it's like they finally found the place where they belong.

Have fun with Primers from around the world

We're not just all work. We support each other, have fun with each other, and grow together. If one OP members succeeds, then we all succeed.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back
Join Octalysis Prime for $50/month


Make a significant impact on your life

Find the inspiration and motivation you need to level up and grow as a person.

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